Caravan and Motorhoming Living the Dream

The Pandemic has brought many changes to the way we all live our lives, including how we holiday and travel. Over the last two years, more and more people have discovered the joys of caravanning and  motorhoming in Britain, with the industry experiencing record sales and the sites, substantial demand for pitches. ‘Staycation’ as this phenomena  has been called, has seen a dramatic rise in the number of motorhomes and caravans on our roads and a dramatic increase in the cost of new units. Many first timers, or ‘Benidormers’ as an old friend and life long motorhomer calls these newbies, have discovered how enjoyable and relaxing this delightful life style is. 

February sees the return of the very popular Caravan Camping & Motorhome show at the NEC in Birmingham, tickets for the show are selling fast, promising potential record sales of new and used units as more and more people adopt a new way to holiday.

The show features accessories, tourist and sites information as well as the leading clubs who will happily advise you on the benefits of membership. Guest speakers will be there to encourage and to dispel the fears of  first timers and to enlighten more experienced travellers on places to go.

If you are thinking of buying your first motorhome make sure that you go to the show with an idea of what you want, how many berths, do you want a bathroom with shower or are you happy just using the facilities on the sites, fixed bed or rear lounge, motorhome or campavan and how happy are you driving an large vehicle?



One place where there is always a lot of good help and advice is on Facebook, sign up to Motorhome Madness, here you will find many experienced members who are more than happy to help. Another source of good advice is on Youtube where you will find numerous ‘Vloggers’ as they travel far and wide.

One benefit of buying at the show is price, dealers are always offering ‘Show Deals’ which could potentially save you several thousand pounds. If you do buy at the show choose a dealer who is near to where you live, should you have a problem you don’t want to be dealing with a company miles away. 

One word of warning, this lifestyle becomes all consuming and can seriously improve your health.

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New Year Outdoor resolution?

Happy New Year….have you made a new years resolution to Bee Outdoors more over the coming year? With the pandemic still very much in everyone’s mind there has been no better time to take full advantage of the  diverse landscape of our wonderful island to reduce the chance of catching Covid by spending as much time as possible outside in the fresh air.

There are hundreds of miles of footpaths criss- crossing our countryside, many of these can be found by clicking on the National Trails link on the homepage or by checking out the National Parks where you will find a wealth of information and advice. 


With the increased awareness of mental health issues and the benefits of just being in the outdoors,  it is even more important for everyone to have access to the stunning beauty that Britain has to offer from its diverse, unspoilt  landscape of sea shore to mountain wilderness. 

Click into any of the links on the Homepage for the latest outdoor information from the leading outdoor organisations and don’t let the weather put you off.


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