Are we going to have a white Christmas?

 Winter is now officially about to begin, according to the Meterological Office, and there maybe the promise of snow on Christmas Day, although the last time this happened was in 2010. It perhaps it should be explained that as long as one flake of snow falls then this is deemed to be an accurate forecast!

Relatively speaking, snow is an infrequent visitor to lowland Britain, but when it does come, it is often quite dramatic, lasting for up to several weeks at a time and bringing with it school closures and traffic chaos. For children this is a time of adventure and lots of funsnow-3, sledging, snowball fights and for the lucky few a chance to put their skiing skills to the test on home ground. The most important thing to remember is to wrap up well and stay warm and dry. Kozikidz clothing, designed and manufactured in Scandinavia is perfect for these conditions and can be found in our shop.


For the more adventurous the opportunity to get out onto the hills and mountains to enjoy the stunning, almost alpine like views of some of the finest parts on Britain, is a big thrill. This activity, it must be said, is potentially very dangerous for the inexperienced who would be very wise to seek the advice of local organisations and, where possible get the help of local guides and outdoor centres before venturing onto the snow clad slopes and mountains.

For Britain’s wildlife it comes down to a matter of survival of the fittest, this is where everyone can help by putting out food, particularly for the wild birds who really struggle to keep warm as temperatures plummet. A feeder full of seeds or peanuts, some apples on the ground can make a big difference and help the birds to build up enough fat and energy to get through the worst of the weather. The correct foods can always be found in supermarkets, garden centres and specialist animal feed shops as well as on line.snow-4







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