Wales Opens its Doors at Last


The Welsh Government has announced that from Monday July 6th unlimited travel for all purposes is now allowed throughout Wales. This also includes travel to Wales from England and that all the closed areas of National Parks and other beauty spots will be open from that day.

Some areas are highly likely to face crowding and traffic issues and BMC and Mountain Training volunteers will be out and about actively helping National Park and other bodies with advising climbers, hillwalkers and visitors at these locations.  

From Monday July 6th, the “Stay local” advice for all residents to Wales is being changed and the amended regulations now allow for unlimited day travel for all purposes across Wales. This also means that people in England can now travel into and across Wales beyond the 5-mile limit.

However, overnight stays away from the place you are living at, are still not allowed. Caravan parks, campsites bunkhouses, hotels and holiday cottages are still closed for recreational and holiday visitors. Wild camping and van camping are still not permitted under the regulations and the police have stated that anyone seen van camping, staying in motorhomes or wild camping will be moved on and potentially fined.

From July 11th it is expected that self-contained holiday accommodation will be reopening, but again campsites, huts, bunkhouses, etc. with shared facilities will not be permitted to reopen. Only motorhomes with fully contained facilities (toilets and showers) and suitable waste storage and disposable arrangements at established sites will be allowed. Wild camping and van camping will still not be permitted and scenes of outdoors users in camper vans will only antagonise locals and create access issues for the future.


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