February the doorstep to Spring

With Christmas over, the New Years arrival celebrated, many of us find our thoughts turning to Spring. Although slow, the lighter evenings ‘are’ on their way and, due to the effects of global warming, our weather in Britain, although somewhat unpredictable, is definitely becoming milder. 

With so many amazing places to visit on our island there really is little excuse for not getting out in the fresh air, perfect to get your legs and lungs working.


From the delights of the North Yorkshire National Park with its diverse landscape of rolling hills, deep valleys carved out through the dramatic limstone, to its at times, wild and windswept coast line, to the western tip of Britain, where stories of smugglers still echo as one makes their way along the stunning coastal paths of Cornwall with their weather beaten granite and devonian slate cliffs, beautiful bays and beaches and industrial relics from a not so distant past, made reccently famous thanks to the television series Poldark.

 Britain has one of the most diverse landscapes in the world when one considers the size of our island home, which makes it easier for all of us to visit places of outstanding beauty providing breath taking views and brilliant walking.  Cities and towns have come to realise the importance and benefits of encouraging us all to ‘get outdoors’  and are working with organisations to provide more and more facilities and ease of access to the wonderful wealth of places to visit which makes Britain so special. 

On our home page you will find links to some  of the countries best websites which will give you upto date information on what is hapening in your part of the country and wider afield. 

Have a favourite place near you? Please let us know so we can share it, remember that getting outdoors is as much as about enjoying the beauty that surrounds us as much as it is about making you healthier.


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