March the storm before Summer?

March comes from the Roman word Martius which was the name for their god of War, the Anglo Saxons more appropriately, named the month Hlyd monath which translates to Stormy month or Hraed monath Rugged month. Bearing in mind the weather we are all experiencing at the moment it seems the Anglo Saxons possibly experienced similar winds and rain.

March in fact brings about the beginning of earlier brighter mornings and lighter evenings with the clocks going forward on March 29th for the beginning of British summer time.

Camping, Caravanning and Motorhome sites will be opening their doors across the country, the National Trust will be opening many of their wonderful properties after a winter of cleaning a maintenance and, hopefully with an improvement in the weather, wildlife parks, theme parks and national parks will all be ready to greet you. Want to know more? Simply click on the links on the home page to take you directly to many of the best attractions in the country.

For those of you who are looking at getting out on your bikes there are now more than ever safe places to ride as country parks offer a wide variety of experiences on tarmac and gravel cycle paths often around beautiful lakes and resevoirs. Whilst the canine owners are now encouraged, at more and  more locations, to take your hound with you. 







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