Made your plans for Easter?

This year Easter bank holiday begins on Friday 19th of April  until Monday 22nd  April. So who decides when Easter is? Well the answer is the Eastern churches, their decision is based on the 14th day of the lunar month then easter takes place on the following Sunday. Many want the same date every year, but this won’t be for at least five years as calendars for this time period have already been agreed on. None of this, however, should pose a problem, particularly as Spring in Britain begins to assert itself towards the end of March with the beginning of British summer time. 

With the improving weather prospects towards the end of the month Wildlife parks, National Parks and historic properties and locations are opening their doors to everyone. To see what is a happening across the country simply click on one of the many links on our Homepage to take you straight to the web sites of some of the countries best venues and locations.

Easter egg hunts abound while the many historic country homes invite you to come and enjoy their amazing parklands and collections.

Campsites, caravan and motorhome sites across the country will provide great value places to stay, encouraging you to visit
all corners  of Britain to discover why Britain is so special. From stunning mountains in the West to breath taking and dramatic coast lines who needs to go abroad?



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