The Busiest Outdoor Year for Britain?

Does the schools re opening mean that finding a parking space in the country’s top beauty spots is now going to be a lot easier? This year has seen a proliferation of parking madness and over crowded beaches and countryside as a frustrated public has rushed to get outdoors, having been incarcerated  since March. The dramatic reduction in overseas holidays has been wonderful for the camping, caravanning and motorhome industries with sales of everything outdoors being eagerly snapped up by a public eager to enjoy the delights of our island home.
For many this has meant visiting places they may have only ever heard of , yes there really is beauty north of Manchester, the downside has been that residents living in some of Britain’s most beautiful places have been over run and subjected to litter and lack of consideration and common sense by visitors who have made themselves very unwelcome by ignoring what some would call common courtesy.

Many favourite organisations are still having to allow entry by prior booking due to the Coronavirus, despite needing to get things as much back to normal as possible. Thank fully this new way of doing things has been, it appears, not impacted too terribly on the country homes and parks with the public following the rules.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Now September is upon us and the amazing and unpredictable weather is still keeping everyone guessing what to take each time they step out of the door. When all is said and done there is a positive side to this years events, more people have discovered just how stunning and diverse the British isles are and how easy it is to get to our National Parks and coasts. One can only hope that with an easing of Lockdown everyone will give more thought as to how to make their visits more enjoyable for them and their families and for the communities they visit.


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